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Glorious Ganesha


Light candles at the altar of Lord Ganesha and bask in the calm and majestic glow of his presence in your home or anywhere else you may feel in need of his great intellect, deep wisdom and protective powers.

As we worship Ganesha, we express our loyalty and devotion towards Him, who is always patiently willing to listen to our prayers, although they are sometimes filled with sorrow and complaints. With magnificent force Lord Ganesha will remove obstacles from our path, thereby eliminating the confusion that it brings to our lives.

Light comforting candles at crossroads on your life path.

Find strength for new beginnings when you are moving house, accept the challenge of a new job or while conquering miles when you travel.

Glorious Ganesh is the messenger of peace and embodies great joy and warmth. He is the playful god of the youngsters and the great guru of the elderly.

The radiance of Lord Ganesha will help us focus on inner balance.

His presence in our lives promises good luck, joy, success and prosperity.

You can light your candles at your altar to attain a sense of harmony, sharing and participation. Two candles can be lit separately (by tapping them). The care of lighting a candle brings us close to the scene, participating in it and bringing focus in our meditation, prayer or contemplation.

Tapping the upper corners brings forward a window in which screen saver and system sleep can be postponed for some time set by the user, in order to meditate or pray without distractions.

Glorious Ganesha App comes in two versions:

A compact version suitable for download over slow or paid services, such as 3G networks.

High definition
Glorious Ganesha is more suitable for bigger screens such as on the iPad.



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glorious ganesha


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